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We’re thrilled to partner with top-notch retail locations, florists, and restaurants in north and central Ohio. All together, we work with a fantastic set of wholesale partners to help them put their best foot forward with our quality local flowers.

We’re often able to offer prices that are competitive with more traditional options, and to keep more profits here locally, as we cut out at least one middle-man. We also provide a simple and efficient process for our partners–both pickup and delivery options, a simple ordering and payment process, as well as professional packaging and labeling.

If you're think we could be a fit with for your wholesale flower needs and are at all interested, please submit the form below to request our wholesale information booklet. Then, if you like what you see there, we'd love to chat - you can use the information in the booklet to set up a call with us to explore the opportunity to partner.

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If you're interested in additional details about wholesale partnership, please take the next step by sending us some information with the form below to request our wholesale offerings booklet. We'll review your information and follow up shortly!

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