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We all want to live well

We're here for those who want to recognize beauty, to value the little things, to live in vibrant communities, to make meaningful experiences, to prioritize quality over quantity. Life's just better where flowers are grown.

A perfect fit for flowers...

From backyard activities with mom, to our roles in out-of-state family weddings where we earned our nick-name “The Ohio Flower Girls”, to our own recent weddings, flowers have long been a part of meaningful experiences in our lives. And since Hannah began selling flowers roadside in 2016, flowers have taken on even more significance in our lives as our small farmer-florist business has evolved.  Now, we’re thrilled to provide an option for fresh, locally grown flowers that our customers can be proud of as they create their own meaningful experiences.

Meet the team

Owner / Little Sister
favorite flower: ranunculus
hobby: baking/cooking
favorite store: Trader Joe's
Owner / Big Sister
favorite flower: dahlia
dogs or cats: dogs
fav pizza toppings: ham and pineapple
Mom / Big-Time Supporter
favorite flower: strawflower
childhood dream job: flower farmer
favorite snack: salted caramel & dark chocolate
Dried Flower Design / Field
favorite flower: peony
favorite store: Altar'd State
hobby: pickleball
Weddings / Design
favorite flower: peony
favorite book: Under the Tuscan Sun
favorite snack: ice cream
Weddings / Design / Field
favorite flower: limelight hydrangea
dogs or cats: cats
dream superpower: talking to animals
Field Operations
favorite flower: hydrangea
hobby: volleyball
favorite snack: mini oreos
Field Operations
favorite flower:
dogs or cats: dogs
childhood dream job: anesthesiologist
Operations / Hannah's Husband
favorite flower: lilac
hobby: dirt-track races
special talent: straight tractor lines
Dad / Does Dad Stuff
favorite flower: sunflower
favorite snack: peanut M&Ms
fav pizza topping: mushrooms
Marketing / Haley's Husband
favorite flower: calla lily
childhood dream job: fighter pilot
favorite store: B&H Photo
Rodent Patrol
favorite flower: dogwood
dogs or cats: dogs
favorite movie: Air Bud 



(Little Sister)

Hannah kicked off this business by selling flowers roadside in 2016 with help from her now-husband Ethan (below). She works on the business across the board but is the creative guru and does much of the arranging.

Besides her work with The Ohio Flower Girls, Hannah also owns part of The Market at The Pickwick Place, along with Ethan and others. When she's not working, you can often find her cooking up something scrumptious for the whole family.



(Big Sister)

Always smiling (and usually talking) Haley is one of the few non-youngest in the group and it shows–she's the gal for keeping us up-beat, on track, and behaving. Haley helps all across the farm and is especially involved in our customer service and administrative tasks.

Haley is married to Tad (below). They lived in Kansas City for a few years before moving back to the Bucyrus area in 2021, in large part to help with the flower farm. When she's not working Haley likes to explore new restaurants and farmer's markets (but she's usually working).

field operations


(Hannah's Husband)

What can be said about Ethan that his hat doesn't already say? Ethan helps out with our farming operations and you can often find him on a tractor.

Besides helping us, Ethan farms fruits and vegetables and is responsible for much of the produce you can find at The Pickwick Place. He's also unreasonably fanatic about racing and enjoys long walks on the farm.

big-time supporter


(Mom / all around cool person)

50% responsible for the existence of Haley and Hannah and largely to thank for the existence of this business! She's been growing flowers with us since we were little. Karen is a recently-retired elementary school teacher and pitches in big time to help on the flower farm.

You can often find her harvesting or interacting with customers at the U-pick patch. It's not unusual to hear the phrase from her, "you heard it here first," because she's up on the trends and keeps great ideas flowing our way.

big-time supporter


aka Dad aka Buzz aka Coach

The other half to our duo of supportive parents on the farm. Dad has jokes–but we’ll admit he’s actually pretty funny. Whether helping us with our fair animals way back or now on the flower farm Dad’s often found lending a helping hand. And he’s no stranger to the farm life… he’s been doing this since Lyndon B. Johnson was president : P .

When he’s not working, you can find him playing cards, coaching high-school girls basketball, or trying to make it to his Saturday-morning breakfast club meetings at The Cafe.

team member


Right-hand on the farm

Clareese is the youngest of the bunch, but already a veteran around the flower farm - she’s been a big help to Hannah since the early days! Clareese helps with pretty much all things around the farm, and especially enjoys putting together dried flower arrangements. She’s quiet… but we also see her beautiful smile frequently, so we’re pretty sure she likes us. When she’s not working you can find her showing her fair animals, playing volleyball, or being educated as a high-school pupil - go, Royals!

team member


(bonafide flower whisperer)

Brittany has only started working with us recently, but our history goes way back to play dates when we were wee little. With college education in floral design and previous experience at another florist shop, Brittany has added lots of experience to the team. She has also been a major help as we’ve expanded our wedding flower offerings.

When not working Brittany enjoys reading, crocheting, gardening, and camping. She lives with her husband, daughter (three), and newborn son…which leads us to her special skill: Brittany can cook an entire meal one-handed!

rodent patrol


(and a "good boy")

Ethan's long time dog, Loki is deceptively cute, very effective at his job, and definitely lives up to his name. He spends much of his time patrolling for rodents and boosting morale - sometimes trampling a few flowers.

When he's not working, you can frequently find Loki lounging on his outdoor sofa or chasing all of the farm cats, except for his buddy, Junior.



(Haley's Husband)

Our resident marketer, Tad helps with social media, advertising, and our website. You can also often find Tad around with his camera and encouraging us to "get some story content." Besides helping with our marketing Tad runs his agency providing marketing and media production services to other clients. When Tad's not working, you can find him perfecting his chili recipe or outside doing landscape photography.

Our Values


Whether it's through flowers with a story or authentic experiences, we hope people find more joy to their lives through their interaction with us.


We value quality over quantity and strive to provide an excellent product and service that our customers are proud to take part in.


We're in this together, and we wouldn't want to do it alone. We strive to be a valuable part of our community and to foster relationships along the way.

Growing Practices

• There is tons of natural diverse in areas where we grow, great for bees, butterflies and birds.
• No use of synthetic chemicals
• We use only organic-based fertilizers
• And we're excited to build to this list as we continue to invest in farming for clean flowers and a healthy community.

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