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Need to host a beautiful event? Whether it's setting up a bouquet bar at your location, hosting a private flower-arranging workshop, or supplying flowers to brighten up your event space, we have options to help you pull off a great event.

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Custom offerings

Flower arranging party

Perfect for Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or just a memorable time with people you care about. Everyone loves flowers, but putting together your own arrangement, alongside people that you care about, adds some extra fun to the mix.

We bring everything necessary for each person in your group to make their own beautiful flower arrangement.

Flowers by the Bucket

Let's talk about options for your wedding, parties, office lobby or wherever you could use an arrangement with our seasonal, local flowers.

Custom arrangements

Perfect for the DIY-er, we provide the buckets of seasonal flowers and you get a great deal.

Boutiques, cafe's, festivals, large events–If you will have a large group at your location–or would like to have a large group at your location–you might be interested in having one of our "bouquet bars" on site.

We bring an assortment of what's in season, customers pick their stems, and they can arrange their own bouquet or we arrange it for them.

Let's talk options for co-promoting our bouquet bar at your store or event.

Bouquet Bar

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