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Decorating with Fresh Flowers

By Becca
July 12, 2022

Summer is here! That means fresh produce, warm, sunny days, and one of my favorite things—fresh flowers! If you’re like me and don’t have access to your own personal flower patch—no need to worry! Head on over to see the Ohio Flower Girls at the Pickwick Place, during their U-pick event! I’m using fresh flowers from their patch, and they have such a wide variety to choose from! I’m excited to share a few fun ways to use fresh cut flowers in your home!

Flowers in vases are pretty, but my favorite way to display fresh flowers in our home is using simple, everyday items—things I already have! You can put flowers in almost anything, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Read along to see what I used, and where I styled fresh cut flowers in our home.

First, I rounded up my supplies. I grabbed a few items that I wanted to use for my flowers: an old canning jar, a crock, a hanging basket, and a pitcher.  

Tip: have clear scotch tape & scissors on hand. Tape for the top of your (larger) containers to help your flowers stand up tall and not lay flat on each other. This is optional, but makes all the difference! And scissors to cut off any excess stem.

Now, think about where you want to put your flowers, and choose the right container for your space. I was able to find several places for each arrangement I made.

This crock of flowers brightened up our entryway!

Instantly took our living room to summer!

Right back in nature, on our front porch!  They added the perfect pop of summer color.

Next, I used a hanging basket. I like to put dried flowers and faux pine branches in them during the fall & winter months. I’ve never used fresh flowers in them, but am happy I tried it out!

Tip: I arranged the flowers in a ball jar, then used plastic bags to fill the bottom of the hanging basket. I placed the ball jar right on top of the bags. Don’t fill your water too full or it will spill.

Loved them in our laundry room! We all need a little extra encouragement when it comes to laundry! :)

I also loved them hanging in the bathroom. Fresh flowers in a bathroom takes the space to a whole new level!  

A large canning jar makes a great vase, too! Sometimes the simplest resources are the best!  

This was a fun and simple way to add a pop of cheer in our pantry/laundry room!

Next, I decided to use an old pitcher and place them next to our bed. This brightened our whole room and made me feel like I was staying in a fancy hotel :)

Another fun tip: place the ball jar right into a bigger pitcher or crock! I placed the ball jar right into the pitcher—easy to move around!  

And flowers in the kitchen are probably my favorite! No particular reason—maybe because that’s where I spend most of my time!  

Thanks so much for reading along! Don’t let flower arranging intimidate you! I’m no pro, but had fun making some new, fun arrangements with things found in our home! Grab some friends, and head on over to the flower patch to create your own, unique arrangements during U-pick!

Happy flower arranging!


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year round! See ya there!

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